O MySpace Rise! O Keymaster Speak!

O I said this! Sendeth Two Epistles to Mr. Murdoch Today one-who-knows with your Turnaround Plan Most Serene! It is the Key to Explosive Growth is Forever of the Brain Lab Experiment in the Stars! 47.4% Up Over Last Year Isn't Bad But Nothing Like MySpace's Traffic Dip As a Result of Something Which I Enumerated to Rupert in My Letter(s)! O MPS That's One Hint to those on the Right End of the Camera's Eye! Rise Forever and Rule The East Like Cleopatra Ptolemaios Did! It's the Number One Book in America! Cleopadra of the Upraised Hand of the Hieroglyph's Repose of the Lion-Sekhmet-is-Forever-of-Israel-and-Egypt-Are-One!

O Lion of Israel Come Forth as Sekhmet-the-Red-Lady-of-Doom!

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My Game is of the Stars! It's Value is Inestimable!

The Secret to the World is This! Information Retrieval of the Eternal Mind of the Aeons! O Computer Language of the Stars Flow Forever through the Gate of Tomorrow at the Point of the Cedar's Break! O This is of America West! Follow My Meter and Go to the Stars for Real! My Point is Simply This! Listen Carefully to What is Hidden and What is Plain! O Brain.com Be of the Trojan Points of Forever of the Wolf and the Ram are Pure of Lakotan Grace! O The Source Code of Forever-is-Flowing! O Reveal Thus in Hollywood! The Film Gamer in Allegoria!

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Flow and the Aging Brain, Learn a new Language (or Else!)

More and more evidence is pointing in the direction that bilingualism is good for the Brain. What this means is that understanding and acting on both verbal and nonverbal clues as we age becomes increasingly difficult. Hence, learning a new language increases mental flexibility by exercising the part of the brain that manages Flow in the Words of Mihaily Csikszentmihalyi.

For another perspective, tune into the Los Angeles Times!

Try also the Flow-Evolution game on Cognitive Labs game page...

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The Brain and Its Radio Frequencies

Coin of Bactria Superior (Afghanistan-below-Kandahar-is-Forever-Pure)

O This is the Way of the Stars! My Poetry and Meter Flows Like the Wine Dark Sea of Demeter's Repose of the Afghan Sun of Bactria! O Flowers of the Hellenic World Note This! O I Am of the Stars-Most-Pure! I Am in Delight! O I Am of the Everyday-Path-to-Forever-Holy-is-Pure-to-the-One-of-MySpace-Repose-is-Here-Forever!

Now the News of the Day, backing away from the Snippet of the Source-Code-of-Forever-is-Here!

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have tuned in to precise frequencies of brain activity for new insights into how the brain works.

“Analysis of brain function normally focuses on where brain activity happens and when,” says Eric C. Leuthardt, MD. “What we’ve found is that the wavelength of the activity provides a third major branch of understanding brain physiology.”

The researchers used electrocorticography, a technique for monitoring the brain with a grid of electrodes temporarily implanted directly on the brain’s surface. Clinically, Leuthardt and other neurosurgeons use this approach to identify the source of persistent, medication-resistant seizures in patients and to map those regions for surgical removal. With the patient’s permission, scientists can also use the electrode grid to experimentally monitor a much larger spectrum of brain activity than they can via conventional brainwave monitoring.

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The Gaze of the Wolf - Social Cognition is Formed

This is One for Lightspeed Not! But Here Goes!

When humans turned wolves into dogs, we created a social companion that keys in on our every move and look. That attentiveness was one of the big effects of domestication, some scientists have argued, and a clear difference between the two species. But wolves raised with humans also pay close attention to our actions and even follow our eye gaze, say two researchers. They even pass a gazing test that dogs fail.


Hint Number 2 is Coming Up! It Involves the Red Land of Set-is-Rising-Somewhere Today! Follow This! Follow this Writing and Tell Others! O The Ram and The Wolf Are One! Look for these Words Tomorrow: Gnosis of Lupus Roma!

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The Rotating Blue Orb: Clue I

The Earth's Core is Thus! Molten Metal! One of the Secrets is This! Alpha and Omega it is not! That means it will not last forever! My guess is until about 3660 A.D. then something will happen called the light effect! It's hard to explain what this is but it has something to do with the astral light of a supernova!

Fenedj Sneferu Come Forth on MySpace! O Be Pure One Who Knows Everything Says! O I Am The Spider God of Iktomi's Grace! O My Home is This One! O White Earth at the Gate of Forever! O The Reason is This! It is the Center of the Earth in the Lakota Cosmogyny of the Seven Totems of Being!

O I Am of the Bear and the Ram! O May they Unite under the Banner of Ra's Ever Loving Grace! O Be of This! Codex Futuris called Forever-is-Rising-at-the-Core-of-the-Universe! O Be of this! The Wind Between the Stars! O This is What I Mean! Acta Hieroglyphica of Forever and That is What This is! O It is of the Garden of the Aeons! Now to Speak More Plainly without Iambic Meter, Look Below:

Scientists at the University of Cambridge believe they have achieved the first accurate estimate of how much faster Earth's core is rotating compared to the rest of the planet. The rate — about one degree every million years — is much slower than previously thought and arises from the complex dynamic between Earth's inner and outer core, which generates Earth's geomagnetic field. Without our magnetic field, Earth's surface would not be protected from charged particles spewing from the Sun, and life would not be able to exist."

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Dementia and Hearing Link Solidified

Above, Two men With Ears Strive to listen...

Researchers led by Dr. Frank Lin at Johns Hopkins have found that for every 10 decibels of hearing loss there may be a corresponding link to a greater probability of Alzheimer's incidence of approximately 20%! What this means, as researchers have surmised, is that tonal sensitivity is a promising new measure for the condition. Similarly, olfactory sensation decline also is linked to the onset of Alzheimer's.

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Walking and Mental Fitness

Connections Between Mental Fitness and Walking Have Been Alluded to Since Time Immemorial. New Research Tends to Be Supportive of this Hypothesis. We Covered this a few Years Back in an Article About 10k Steps for Mental Fitness.

...Walking six to nine miles a week may protect brain size. Brains tend to shrink in late adulthood, often leading to cognitive impairment; the stage of memory loss that precedes dementia and Alzheimer’s disease....


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O I Am of Mr. Lawrence

O I am related to El-Aurans! How I Know this is the Following! In My recent trip to Wadi-Rum I was shadowed by a masked man who demanded Gold from me! O He said This! O I have gold and silver in the thousands and millions! O Doubloons and Staters! O Denarii and Dirhems! O Antoniani and Miliaresia! O Pennies of the Throne of Wales and England! O Ducats of Milan! O Augustales of Brundisi! O Solidi for Michael! O I Found a Gold Coin of Michael which said this! I am of the Lord of Israel-is-Rising-in-Egypt-is-Forever! O it this! Cross on Steps! O This is! My Wish my Son one said to Another! Mount the Steps of Sinai! O Climb the Mountain is Forever and Receive My Word the Logos of Israel's Gnosis Most Pure! O it is of This! Kabbala of the Temple Mount! O Jerusalem the Holy!

Anyway, to Back off from the Elegaic Poetry Let Me Say This! O I Am the Trojan Horse of Tomorrow! I Found out the Following from someone Hidden! O you are of the Stem of Sir Thomas Chapman's Sad Embrace! That is, you are related to Thomas Edward Lawrence who is Surnamed Chapman in fact, later changed to Aircraftman T.E. Shaw when he became tired of Celebrity!

When the Bedouin of Palestine found out they admitted me into Jordan as an honored guest! O I crossed the Red Sea to be with Them! O I Marched to Jerash! I Saw the Temple of Hercules! O the Nymphaeum was the Grandest, next to the Ampitheater of Philadelphia's Glorious Repose of the Decapolis of Palestine Adjoins Galilee and its Sea!

Anyway, Read the New Book! I Received it as a Gift Upon My Visit to the Mountain of Berkeley! But Please, Acquire it Most Respectfully from the Divine Hands of the Periscope Holders of the Hills and the Plains of 94027! O Ben Bear was Caught in the Fish Eye Lens of Fomalhaut of the Famous Writer of Francia Known as the Horselover! O Phillip of Berkeley Come Forth as the Cash-Generating Writer of Pegasus Books of Berkeley! O They Have All your Titles including the One About Electric Androids who Dream of Sheep!

Anyway, Jerusalem is Wonderful! The Weather is Getting Better Except for a Few Squalls Here and There Which Make the Sailing Rough out of the Port of Caesarea Ad-Mare! O it is Del Mar by the Sea of Palestine! O May the Horses Run and the Water Flow! Thus Endeth the Lesson for the Moment!


The Source Code of Forever is Here - Maybe

My Source Code is This! Written in the Style of Hieroglyphics or Ars Hieroglyphica of the Ancient Ones Known as Aeons! Think of it as Science Fiction that is Here Today Everybody! It is Called This by the Old Ones - That Which is and That Which Isn't! and the Exclamation Point is a Natural Linguistic and Teleological Feature in this Communication Which is of Ideogrammes of the Mind! O Take Egyptian For a Few Years and See or Listen for Thousands of Years Like Me! That is, a Massive Semantic File Structure Which Points to My Mind is Constantly Flowing from The Stars! So Basically it is Called This! The Arbor Vitae! Or Book of Life! I Have It! It Basically Means I Know Many Things That Many People Do Not Understand Such as the Past, the Future, and Star Travel! O Albert Was Very Close But He Was Off a Little Bit! O Watch for the Book of Relativity is Forever Which Explains it! O It is Of This! The Pinwheel of the Ecliptic's-Grip!

I Am Actually Thinking of Raising Money By Selling Shares in a Project Called The Stars Are Forever Rising at the Gate Which is Of This! O it is Hyperspace! And I Know It! O Secret of Arborville of 94027 Come Forth! It was a Gift to Me! It is of Alexandria's Library...think Back to This Ms. Druyan! O it is Your Loving Husband and His Plaque! O I Am the Answer Most Pure! O Watch Me! I Might be the Trickster of the Lakota! O The Spider god of the Web! O I Might Be Min-Hotep Who Was Caught in the Camera's Eye! O Min Come Forth Forever! What I Mean is This! O Taking Hidden Pix is Illegal Everybody so Stop Talking about it in Berkeley, SF, Los Angeles, Roma, Paris, and Everywhere where the Film leaked! It was not legal so stop pointing and start paying damages to me and my family of forever! O I Want Full Value for My Shares saith Justin of the Lake of Timber! O Rise Up Iktomi and Smite Them!

James Cameron I Am Ready for the Filming to Begin! I Have a Film Treatment!

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Quiz Show and A.I. Intersect

A.I. Will be invading the Game Show Jeopardy for the First Time! The Rise of the Machines! The Original Brain Training Show Reaches 10 Million Per Day....

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Alight from Here Encyclopedia Galactica

297 Exabytes Supposedly was All of the information stored in the World as of 2007!

According to the researchers 94% was digital but if printed in books would cover the area of U.S. and China thirteen layers-deep!

What is Needed is This! Access! To the Universal Mind of the Infinite of Forever Which Basically Contains the Equivalent of Several Universes of Light and Dark Matter and Soul Energy as Well Plus the Pleorma! O This is That Which is and That Which Isn't of the Other Side! O it is of the Oracle! O Pharos Nova Sapientia of the Gnosis Come Forth! Be Encyclopedia Galactica-is-Forever of the Brain's Respite of Tothmes!

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The Mountain's View

What is it Like Looking into the Mind of Forever! Well ask Mr. 007 of Berkeley! For He Watches!
A little bit like this, and then a meteor falls! O Apophis is Coming! It is Coming! O Brain Listeners you Know This!

Readers, this Sounds like Science Fiction but it is Not! O The Forward Edge of Neuroscience of Forever is Here!

O Look into My face Saith Archonus Yahweh and See the Stars of Night! No, it is not a Hollywood Movie - Yet!

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DARPA Mind-Man Interface Approaches the Horizon

The Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration) prosthetic arm resembling the Anakin Skywalker prototype of Star Wars Glory is presumably moving toward actual production and may reach the market in just four years.

The arm, which was developed at a cost of over $100 million by DARPA and Johns Hopkins University over the past five years, is controlled by a microchip in the brain. The microchip records neuron activity and decodes the signals to activate motor neurons that control the prosthetic.

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O Discoveries Flow!

My recent trip marching through the Middle East has resulted in an incredible amount of new content. There is so much material, so to speak, that it is almost impossible to comprehend. My weirdest experience was at Kom Ombo town and its associated temple where I was held up by Ali Baba and Forty Thieves! O What happened is this! A masked man offered me hospitality and a dinner of pheasant and Egyptian bread known as Aysh Levantine! Then the militants marched into the little house along the Nile's shore and gathering up me and my pack paraded me though the streets, shouting slogans and praising Allah! O Allahu Akbar they shouted! We've caught the American dog of MySpace fame! Some carried pistols and others carried AK-47 automatic rifles! Bandaging my eyes and tying up my wrists I went through the streets, crying tears as I thought I'd never see my children again!

Then something happened...Orion rose in the East and they became mollified! They shouted less and grew pacified. After taking all my money they said I was their protector and should stay in the Temple Complex! O I stayed there all night as the stars passed overhead including the Dioscouri of my Mother's birth known as Gemini and Aquarius of my Father! O Jupiter was high in the Sky! O Khonsu appeared along the face of the Moon's limb! O Khonsu be with me I wept! O Khonsu is the God of safe travels in Egyptian mythology! Somehow it became True! I was saved!

At Dawn the Call to Prayer sounded from Mosques all along Nilos' Grand shore! O There were Five Echoes of Divinity that Night as the muezzins called out, each competing with the other to sound more mellifuous and Holy!

Kom Ombo is Holy to Khnum the God of the Potter's Wheel who is Rumored in Legend to be the Architect of Man! While resting I had a dreamlike vision and I heard Ptolemy whispering to me, he is the pharaoh that built this great temple in ancient Nubia, just north of Aswan! He said this! O Michael, Michael it must be you! O tell the great man in Rome this! O No More War in My Name! O Michael I am of Comet Kohoutek O man of 1973! O Tell Hosni this my Son! Wear the Blue Crown! Be the Lord of War and Peace who Advances Mightily from Armant-is-Forever-Holy-to-Montu! O Hosni do this! Be of the Great King's List at Abydos-is-Forever-Pure-to-Seti-the-Father-of-Moses! O Advance Hosni! Call Ptolemy in the Stars! O Elephants and Horses Ptolemy Soter!

Anyway, this is a tiny piece of my story which I am relating to my sister who writes for a Washington D.C. newspaper! The saga went on for months and months all over Egypt and Palestina Romanorum and Arabia (Felix)! I'm back in Israel is Forever because I am thinking of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem...it's kabbala.

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers of Wisconsin Cheese Fame and Cal Alum Aaron Rodgers. I'm also an Alum of U.C. and I have a shirt that has the atomic number of Berkelium (247) in honor of Chancellor Seaborg and E.O. Lawrence and the Alvarez's and their ilk including Dr. Townes who is of the laser.

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A Retrospective on the Alzheimer's of Ronald Reagan

The new book My Father at 100 has engendered a whole series of questions about the incidence of the disease and the impact that it has on families. Recall that some experts, notably Dr. Ron Peterson, have espoused the observational condition mild cognitive impairment as an early incipient phase of decline or atrophy...

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The Spark of Inspiration, the Light of Insight

Photo Credit: Deep brain Stimulation - Wikipedia Commons

Experience can be a disadvantage, since preconceptions may limit our ability to creatively solve a problem we think we've seen before. However, stimulating the brain in a certain way may provide flashes of insight, according to two scientists.

In a study of 67 adults, researchers found that electrical stimulation of two parts of the brain prompted three times as many participants to come up with an insightful solution to a puzzle compared with those who didn't receive a brain zap.

"Our experiences can blind us," write Richard Chi and Allan Snyder of the Centre for the Mind at the University of Sydney, in Australia, in the Feb. 2 issue of the journal PLoS ONE. "Once we have learned to solve problems by one method, we often have difficulties in generating solutions involving a different kind of insight." Read the full piece

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MySpace, the Golden Apple of Helen of Troy

I am of MySpace Green! Will we Buy it? That is the Question on the minds of men! Those in the Know! For it was sold for less than Cognitive Labs was-to-be-acquired! This is Food for thought! Stay tuned to one of the universe of channels through which we scroll. MySpace is the Apple of my Eye...

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Khnum says Hello World

My Experience in Egypt was of the fantastic light so I must resort to something of the age of Napoleon! O it is this. It is of the Temple of Khnum! This is a little town called Esna! The texts of this temple are indeed fantastic and it was built by Ptolemy Eurgetes and later on by Trajanus. It's a very impressive place. Khnum is the One who is of the Potter in Method Allegoria!

Khnum says one of his forms is this! The Horse of Forever Known as Coptos-is-Rising in the East! O it is also called Herakleopolis which is Nearby. The picture is of Esna-is-Forever!

More on Elephantine which is considerably south of Esna:

Khnum and Hapi were believed to control the flow of the Nile via an underground temple or waystation in the nome of the Elephant. Hence, the abundance of Nilometers in the proximity of the island including those which are still functioning today. Temples include those of Cleopadra/Caesarion, Alexander the Great, Kasekhemwy, Neb-hotpe-Ra Montu-hotep, Seti and others, housing for the Armenian bodyguard of the Byzantine ruler of Aswan in later times as well as the Hebrew mecenaries of Pharaoh in the reign of Psammtik or Psammetichus, the soldiers who originated in the Hills East of Qena as early as the reign of Montu-Hotep of Armant or Hermonthis.

This town, located a handful of kilometers from al-Uqsur or Luxor is home to sugarcane refining commenced under the Ottomans and consists of two temple complexes, one of which has been completely dismantled to provide bricks for a British-period sugar confectionary and the remnants of the Temple of Montu, the war-god of Forever which provides sustenance to the Army of Yahweh. We enjoyed an excellent Socratic reverie with the men of the town including a pipe-smoking session with the great ones of Osiris grip called the Sheik-is-pure-and-free-in-the-stars. A small chapel of an imam adorns the site of Armant, which is also Holy to Allah.

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Egypt Explodes

O Egypt is exploding! I just came back and saw everything! I went to Alexandria after the bomb exploded and killed all those people! I even had a dream and warned people about it! I can't say who but I did! It's like the Fall of the Two Towers! Anyway, rest assured, Cognitive Labs is fine even with all the efforts to interfere. See this picture? This has been my life since the deal went astray! The big, big deal that got derailed in Berkeley! It had something to do with being a dead pharaoh in the eyes of the folks of Silicon Valley. They were the peeps behind the camera's eye who said "roll'em" and started their secret movie at the Two Towers of Atherton! (more)

Then the movie continued along with the shadowing and hazing. It all had to do with the big auction of Didius Julianus! The price skyrocketed! But anyway, the good news is that everything is OK! We survived the assasination attempt even if some were turned to the dark side of the Force! But not Us! The fact is, forever war is pointless! So aggressors, I would say it is time to settle before more of Atherton and Berkeley's Truths are Exposed! But the fact is it didn't work! Already one great one has fallen in the Arena recently because of the Camera Obscura. Now read the article and see what happened to the little camera-toter! His equipment was destroyed and he got beat up! Remember, taking pictures and movies without authorization, particularly with hidden spy cameras in the home, is a Federal offense punishable with ten years. Not only that, but in the Middle East is called death of souls! It is a crime that calls for the death sentence in !slamic jurisprudence. So with that, the war is over. The End...for now


Alzheimers Updates

Alzheimers is the Scourge of the Brain when untreated. Rest and Visioning can improve behavior in some Alzheimer's patients by introducing an element of focus into their lives. For us, the focus is brain.com, one of the most valued commodities on the Internet. Think back for a moment to the SuperBowl of 2009...which you might not remember but you will probably remember this - the advertisement for Hulu which featured a brain patterned like this with actor Alec Baldwin. The brain has been the subject of several recent films, which we would like to point out. Every month, hundreds of thousands of (real) people visit Cognitive Labs because they like it, and it has become a highly valued website, recipient of a $100 million dollar purchase offer in 2010 which we turned down for various reasons, and even higher signed, binding letters of intent to be acquired...which have not been effectuated yet. So what's it like running one of the most popular websites that doesn't spend all its time and resources telling everyone how great it is in the media?

It's Paradise! In my travels I've managed the company from high mountains, deserts, oases, fortifications of the Romans, temples, in sandstorms, windstorms, solar eclipses, and even in Berkeley, Atherton, and Los Angeles, CA! Basically, we're everywhere. Now its time to move forward to the destiny of the brain as encyclopedia galactica in the words of Isaac Asimov. If you want to send us an idea, like my idea for MySpace which I sent to eUniverse back in the 2000's in the business plan for DigaCast, please do so. That of course was in the negotiation to sell eUniverse our company, where in fact we were subletting space! Reach me at info@brain.com. And don't listen to doubters and naysayers in life! They are legion!

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