Redstone rocket is of the red land!

A product of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA) at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama under the leadership of Wernher von Braun, Redstone was designed as a surface-to-surface missile for the U.S. Army. It was named for the arsenal on April 8, 1952, which traced its name to the region's red rocks and soil.[2] Chrysler was awarded the prime production contract and began missile and support equipment production in 1952 at the newly-renamed Michigan Ordnance Missile Plant in Warren, Michigan. The Navy-owned facility was previously known as the Naval Industrial Reserve Aircraft Plant used for jet engine production. Following the cancellation of a planned Navy jet engine program, the facility was made available to the Chrysler Corporation for missile production. Rocketdyne Division of North American Aviation Company provided the rocket engines; Ford Instrument Company, division of Sperry Rand Corporation, produced the guidance and control systems; and Reynolds Metals Company fabricated fuselage assemblies as subcontractors to Chrysler. On 28 January 1954, Dr. Wernher von Braun and his team launched Redstone missile No. 2 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
US Army field group erecting Redstone missile

Redstone was first deployed with troops of 40th Artillery Group (Redstone) to West Germany from Redstone Arsenal in June 1958.

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NMSM Highlights

Trinity of the A Bomb, St. George and Berkeley of the H Bomb!

After learning about white phosphorous at Alamogordo, I was surprised to learn that the V-1 and V-2 rocket programs were moved to Alamogordo from Germany in 1945 in a total of 30 railcars, and formed the scientific backbone of the rockets up through the Saturn V including the Atlas and Redstone boosters, which were conceived as ICBMs initially. A display talked about the Grab Nebula and its portrayal in a pictograph near the Trinity A-Bomb Test site of July 16, 1945, but with no explication other than that the nearby mountains were used to triangulate the rising of the star Sirius in the East.

Know This! The Mountain Shakes was a text hidden in time from the Ark of the Codex Askesionis that I located in Egypt-of-pure-grace. Written, transliterated, and translated by this One last year it talked of a tsunami, an earthquake, a Hydrogen blast, and the possibility of life ending on earth due to the Crab Nebula.

Know that the petroglyph shows what appears to be a rendering of the Crab's Supernova of Taurus in the 11th century! It was of this one! Romanus Lecepanus and his confusion in battle with the Seljuks! Although I did not know that this petroglyph was present here in New Mexico, you'll want to know that it was foreshadowed in the Ark in its revelation of the Crab Nebula's Dangers for the first time, asserting that life on Earth could be ended by this radioactive blast, which is approaching at the speed of light. The incorrect display as Grab is reminiscent of Forum Tauri of Constantinople and its incorrect statement that Theodosius the Great was the last Roman Emperor. Although I have reported this to numerous scholars of high repute including at UC-Berkeley and Stanford and church historians and ecclesiastical potentates it still is incorrect. The filaments of this crashed nebula appear in astophotographs.

Consider this a report to the New York Times News Desk - what will happen is that the Crab Nebula will end life on Earth in a few thousand years when the deadly blast of radiation arrives! This is your warning from the Ark. It is a new Discovery of Forever-Time that has never been reported before but will be reported to the Vatican Observatory tomorrow! Thus mankind must find a second home-of-forever! I'll tell you what it is, if interested.

And this is just one of many Revelations hidden-in-the-stars-of-night.

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Werner von Braun and the V-2! First Flight in the U.S. Today in 1946!

Open Letter:

Mr. Noel Romero
New Mexico Space Museum
Alamogordo New Mexico
U.S.A. adjacent to Holloman A.F.B. The Home of White Phosphorous

Dear Mr. Romero,

I Am delighted to Discover today (April 16, 2011) that today in 1946 was the first successful test of the V-2 rocket in the United States here in New Mexico's beautiful blue skies.

Know This! The V-2 is the product of Pennemunde in the far North of Europe. Many People Died Working on this Project Because of This! The Heat and the Cold Including Some of My Relatives Who Were Basically Slaves to Mr. Von Braun and His Rocket team.

Nevertheless, despite of the death of this man of Hungary the Project was successful enough to be imported into the U.S. and it was based right here. For some reason I was called to Holloman, N.M. the Tea Party's grace notwithstanding, and today to look upon your museum with the wondrous eyes of a child who is fascinated with spaceflight.

I found it delightful to peruse online. I may visit tomorrow if my dead relative thinks this is a good idea. Now know this! Human spaceflight has ground to a halt now that big thinkers have departed this earth or are past retirement age. I am enjoying a brief respite with a fan of my travels who is enjoying an iced latte and she remarked this! O her friend worked for Dr. von Braun! O She said this! Unfortunately she remarked that her husband (RIP) was a test pilot who died. (For her condolences and grief I trust it was a true story!)

He utilized a style of MBWA and often dressed as a labourer to inspect the work of his subordinates and get a feel for their moods. In the manner of Howard Hughes, he was high-strung but of course a creative genius.

Nevertheless, star travel today is finished unless something new is involved! It is a test for mankind. The first clue is this! The Radius of Pi! Know that this was disclosed in my communications with Dr. Stephen Hawking which hit a speedbump today in my fax to his office in Cambridgeshire! He may be the man to work with me on popularizing my innovations which are of this! The Ark-is-Forever!

If you wish to know more, ask me sometime! DFJ knows something, inquire therein.

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Red Rocks and Quakes

Today, I am writing a new book as I do fairly often. It is of the Place of the Red Rocks where the H Bomb was Tested! It's of the Trinity's foul breath blowing from New Mexico! O it is of the H-Bomb that was initiated at Frenchman Flat! It started as a dream of Edward Teller and it was of this! The double-fusion coil of the Nuclear Trigger. He had the dream for the H-Bomb in Berkeley during the A-Bomb era...

These are texts of Forever associated with the Ark. Lift the lid and you shall see this: Macchu Picchu an older text of 2010 that discusses the return of one to Mexico and South America and the Visions of the Archbishop of Sao Paolo. Today, as Mexico and Japan Suffer Earthquakes, I am releasing it. It's an Allegorical Text of that which is and that which isn't, which as you may know relates to the Memphite cosmology of the Ogdoad. I mean, the text is entirely in hieroglyphs of the Mayan Stem of the backbone of the Americas.


Game Testing and Research

Gamers And Research on Gamasutra...

As game research and testing develops, there has been an increasing interest different methodologies for assessing games and gameplay. One such area is the use of psychophysiological measures, such as heart rate or electrodermal activity, to assess players' engagement and emotional response.

This article will discuss several of the main measures currently widely used in psychophysiology and their advantages and disadvantages as well as a general discussion of the usefulness of psychophysiological measures. The Article

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This is the One of 363 Miles

On Saturday I Sent This Memo

It was Five Pages of Ptolemy XII Codex to Ones Hidden!

My message was the Following - The Ark Could Be Real! It Contains the Following...the Hidden Origin of the State of Israel and Many Other Things.

O Iconoclasm Returneth! For a pix representation, go here (simulacrum) no human images are allowed.

Note: Decimus Max Split into Six Pieces - one hit the moon, one hit Mars, and one hit the Earth!
Apophis, Apophis is Coming!


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