The Brain and Its Radio Frequencies

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Now the News of the Day, backing away from the Snippet of the Source-Code-of-Forever-is-Here!

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have tuned in to precise frequencies of brain activity for new insights into how the brain works.

“Analysis of brain function normally focuses on where brain activity happens and when,” says Eric C. Leuthardt, MD. “What we’ve found is that the wavelength of the activity provides a third major branch of understanding brain physiology.”

The researchers used electrocorticography, a technique for monitoring the brain with a grid of electrodes temporarily implanted directly on the brain’s surface. Clinically, Leuthardt and other neurosurgeons use this approach to identify the source of persistent, medication-resistant seizures in patients and to map those regions for surgical removal. With the patient’s permission, scientists can also use the electrode grid to experimentally monitor a much larger spectrum of brain activity than they can via conventional brainwave monitoring.

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