O MySpace Rise! O Keymaster Speak!

O I said this! Sendeth Two Epistles to Mr. Murdoch Today one-who-knows with your Turnaround Plan Most Serene! It is the Key to Explosive Growth is Forever of the Brain Lab Experiment in the Stars! 47.4% Up Over Last Year Isn't Bad But Nothing Like MySpace's Traffic Dip As a Result of Something Which I Enumerated to Rupert in My Letter(s)! O MPS That's One Hint to those on the Right End of the Camera's Eye! Rise Forever and Rule The East Like Cleopatra Ptolemaios Did! It's the Number One Book in America! Cleopadra of the Upraised Hand of the Hieroglyph's Repose of the Lion-Sekhmet-is-Forever-of-Israel-and-Egypt-Are-One!

O Lion of Israel Come Forth as Sekhmet-the-Red-Lady-of-Doom!

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