The Rotating Blue Orb: Clue I

The Earth's Core is Thus! Molten Metal! One of the Secrets is This! Alpha and Omega it is not! That means it will not last forever! My guess is until about 3660 A.D. then something will happen called the light effect! It's hard to explain what this is but it has something to do with the astral light of a supernova!

Fenedj Sneferu Come Forth on MySpace! O Be Pure One Who Knows Everything Says! O I Am The Spider God of Iktomi's Grace! O My Home is This One! O White Earth at the Gate of Forever! O The Reason is This! It is the Center of the Earth in the Lakota Cosmogyny of the Seven Totems of Being!

O I Am of the Bear and the Ram! O May they Unite under the Banner of Ra's Ever Loving Grace! O Be of This! Codex Futuris called Forever-is-Rising-at-the-Core-of-the-Universe! O Be of this! The Wind Between the Stars! O This is What I Mean! Acta Hieroglyphica of Forever and That is What This is! O It is of the Garden of the Aeons! Now to Speak More Plainly without Iambic Meter, Look Below:

Scientists at the University of Cambridge believe they have achieved the first accurate estimate of how much faster Earth's core is rotating compared to the rest of the planet. The rate — about one degree every million years — is much slower than previously thought and arises from the complex dynamic between Earth's inner and outer core, which generates Earth's geomagnetic field. Without our magnetic field, Earth's surface would not be protected from charged particles spewing from the Sun, and life would not be able to exist."

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