Alzheimers Updates

Alzheimers is the Scourge of the Brain when untreated. Rest and Visioning can improve behavior in some Alzheimer's patients by introducing an element of focus into their lives. For us, the focus is brain.com, one of the most valued commodities on the Internet. Think back for a moment to the SuperBowl of 2009...which you might not remember but you will probably remember this - the advertisement for Hulu which featured a brain patterned like this with actor Alec Baldwin. The brain has been the subject of several recent films, which we would like to point out. Every month, hundreds of thousands of (real) people visit Cognitive Labs because they like it, and it has become a highly valued website, recipient of a $100 million dollar purchase offer in 2010 which we turned down for various reasons, and even higher signed, binding letters of intent to be acquired...which have not been effectuated yet. So what's it like running one of the most popular websites that doesn't spend all its time and resources telling everyone how great it is in the media?

It's Paradise! In my travels I've managed the company from high mountains, deserts, oases, fortifications of the Romans, temples, in sandstorms, windstorms, solar eclipses, and even in Berkeley, Atherton, and Los Angeles, CA! Basically, we're everywhere. Now its time to move forward to the destiny of the brain as encyclopedia galactica in the words of Isaac Asimov. If you want to send us an idea, like my idea for MySpace which I sent to eUniverse back in the 2000's in the business plan for DigaCast, please do so. That of course was in the negotiation to sell eUniverse our company, where in fact we were subletting space! Reach me at info@brain.com. And don't listen to doubters and naysayers in life! They are legion!

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