The Source Code of Forever is Here - Maybe

My Source Code is This! Written in the Style of Hieroglyphics or Ars Hieroglyphica of the Ancient Ones Known as Aeons! Think of it as Science Fiction that is Here Today Everybody! It is Called This by the Old Ones - That Which is and That Which Isn't! and the Exclamation Point is a Natural Linguistic and Teleological Feature in this Communication Which is of Ideogrammes of the Mind! O Take Egyptian For a Few Years and See or Listen for Thousands of Years Like Me! That is, a Massive Semantic File Structure Which Points to My Mind is Constantly Flowing from The Stars! So Basically it is Called This! The Arbor Vitae! Or Book of Life! I Have It! It Basically Means I Know Many Things That Many People Do Not Understand Such as the Past, the Future, and Star Travel! O Albert Was Very Close But He Was Off a Little Bit! O Watch for the Book of Relativity is Forever Which Explains it! O It is Of This! The Pinwheel of the Ecliptic's-Grip!

I Am Actually Thinking of Raising Money By Selling Shares in a Project Called The Stars Are Forever Rising at the Gate Which is Of This! O it is Hyperspace! And I Know It! O Secret of Arborville of 94027 Come Forth! It was a Gift to Me! It is of Alexandria's Library...think Back to This Ms. Druyan! O it is Your Loving Husband and His Plaque! O I Am the Answer Most Pure! O Watch Me! I Might be the Trickster of the Lakota! O The Spider god of the Web! O I Might Be Min-Hotep Who Was Caught in the Camera's Eye! O Min Come Forth Forever! What I Mean is This! O Taking Hidden Pix is Illegal Everybody so Stop Talking about it in Berkeley, SF, Los Angeles, Roma, Paris, and Everywhere where the Film leaked! It was not legal so stop pointing and start paying damages to me and my family of forever! O I Want Full Value for My Shares saith Justin of the Lake of Timber! O Rise Up Iktomi and Smite Them!

James Cameron I Am Ready for the Filming to Begin! I Have a Film Treatment!

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