Khnum says Hello World

My Experience in Egypt was of the fantastic light so I must resort to something of the age of Napoleon! O it is this. It is of the Temple of Khnum! This is a little town called Esna! The texts of this temple are indeed fantastic and it was built by Ptolemy Eurgetes and later on by Trajanus. It's a very impressive place. Khnum is the One who is of the Potter in Method Allegoria!

Khnum says one of his forms is this! The Horse of Forever Known as Coptos-is-Rising in the East! O it is also called Herakleopolis which is Nearby. The picture is of Esna-is-Forever!

More on Elephantine which is considerably south of Esna:

Khnum and Hapi were believed to control the flow of the Nile via an underground temple or waystation in the nome of the Elephant. Hence, the abundance of Nilometers in the proximity of the island including those which are still functioning today. Temples include those of Cleopadra/Caesarion, Alexander the Great, Kasekhemwy, Neb-hotpe-Ra Montu-hotep, Seti and others, housing for the Armenian bodyguard of the Byzantine ruler of Aswan in later times as well as the Hebrew mecenaries of Pharaoh in the reign of Psammtik or Psammetichus, the soldiers who originated in the Hills East of Qena as early as the reign of Montu-Hotep of Armant or Hermonthis.

This town, located a handful of kilometers from al-Uqsur or Luxor is home to sugarcane refining commenced under the Ottomans and consists of two temple complexes, one of which has been completely dismantled to provide bricks for a British-period sugar confectionary and the remnants of the Temple of Montu, the war-god of Forever which provides sustenance to the Army of Yahweh. We enjoyed an excellent Socratic reverie with the men of the town including a pipe-smoking session with the great ones of Osiris grip called the Sheik-is-pure-and-free-in-the-stars. A small chapel of an imam adorns the site of Armant, which is also Holy to Allah.

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