O I Am of Mr. Lawrence

O I am related to El-Aurans! How I Know this is the Following! In My recent trip to Wadi-Rum I was shadowed by a masked man who demanded Gold from me! O He said This! O I have gold and silver in the thousands and millions! O Doubloons and Staters! O Denarii and Dirhems! O Antoniani and Miliaresia! O Pennies of the Throne of Wales and England! O Ducats of Milan! O Augustales of Brundisi! O Solidi for Michael! O I Found a Gold Coin of Michael which said this! I am of the Lord of Israel-is-Rising-in-Egypt-is-Forever! O it this! Cross on Steps! O This is! My Wish my Son one said to Another! Mount the Steps of Sinai! O Climb the Mountain is Forever and Receive My Word the Logos of Israel's Gnosis Most Pure! O it is of This! Kabbala of the Temple Mount! O Jerusalem the Holy!

Anyway, to Back off from the Elegaic Poetry Let Me Say This! O I Am the Trojan Horse of Tomorrow! I Found out the Following from someone Hidden! O you are of the Stem of Sir Thomas Chapman's Sad Embrace! That is, you are related to Thomas Edward Lawrence who is Surnamed Chapman in fact, later changed to Aircraftman T.E. Shaw when he became tired of Celebrity!

When the Bedouin of Palestine found out they admitted me into Jordan as an honored guest! O I crossed the Red Sea to be with Them! O I Marched to Jerash! I Saw the Temple of Hercules! O the Nymphaeum was the Grandest, next to the Ampitheater of Philadelphia's Glorious Repose of the Decapolis of Palestine Adjoins Galilee and its Sea!

Anyway, Read the New Book! I Received it as a Gift Upon My Visit to the Mountain of Berkeley! But Please, Acquire it Most Respectfully from the Divine Hands of the Periscope Holders of the Hills and the Plains of 94027! O Ben Bear was Caught in the Fish Eye Lens of Fomalhaut of the Famous Writer of Francia Known as the Horselover! O Phillip of Berkeley Come Forth as the Cash-Generating Writer of Pegasus Books of Berkeley! O They Have All your Titles including the One About Electric Androids who Dream of Sheep!

Anyway, Jerusalem is Wonderful! The Weather is Getting Better Except for a Few Squalls Here and There Which Make the Sailing Rough out of the Port of Caesarea Ad-Mare! O it is Del Mar by the Sea of Palestine! O May the Horses Run and the Water Flow! Thus Endeth the Lesson for the Moment!

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