Egypt Explodes

O Egypt is exploding! I just came back and saw everything! I went to Alexandria after the bomb exploded and killed all those people! I even had a dream and warned people about it! I can't say who but I did! It's like the Fall of the Two Towers! Anyway, rest assured, Cognitive Labs is fine even with all the efforts to interfere. See this picture? This has been my life since the deal went astray! The big, big deal that got derailed in Berkeley! It had something to do with being a dead pharaoh in the eyes of the folks of Silicon Valley. They were the peeps behind the camera's eye who said "roll'em" and started their secret movie at the Two Towers of Atherton! (more)

Then the movie continued along with the shadowing and hazing. It all had to do with the big auction of Didius Julianus! The price skyrocketed! But anyway, the good news is that everything is OK! We survived the assasination attempt even if some were turned to the dark side of the Force! But not Us! The fact is, forever war is pointless! So aggressors, I would say it is time to settle before more of Atherton and Berkeley's Truths are Exposed! But the fact is it didn't work! Already one great one has fallen in the Arena recently because of the Camera Obscura. Now read the article and see what happened to the little camera-toter! His equipment was destroyed and he got beat up! Remember, taking pictures and movies without authorization, particularly with hidden spy cameras in the home, is a Federal offense punishable with ten years. Not only that, but in the Middle East is called death of souls! It is a crime that calls for the death sentence in !slamic jurisprudence. So with that, the war is over. The End...for now

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