Werner von Braun and the V-2! First Flight in the U.S. Today in 1946!

Open Letter:

Mr. Noel Romero
New Mexico Space Museum
Alamogordo New Mexico
U.S.A. adjacent to Holloman A.F.B. The Home of White Phosphorous

Dear Mr. Romero,

I Am delighted to Discover today (April 16, 2011) that today in 1946 was the first successful test of the V-2 rocket in the United States here in New Mexico's beautiful blue skies.

Know This! The V-2 is the product of Pennemunde in the far North of Europe. Many People Died Working on this Project Because of This! The Heat and the Cold Including Some of My Relatives Who Were Basically Slaves to Mr. Von Braun and His Rocket team.

Nevertheless, despite of the death of this man of Hungary the Project was successful enough to be imported into the U.S. and it was based right here. For some reason I was called to Holloman, N.M. the Tea Party's grace notwithstanding, and today to look upon your museum with the wondrous eyes of a child who is fascinated with spaceflight.

I found it delightful to peruse online. I may visit tomorrow if my dead relative thinks this is a good idea. Now know this! Human spaceflight has ground to a halt now that big thinkers have departed this earth or are past retirement age. I am enjoying a brief respite with a fan of my travels who is enjoying an iced latte and she remarked this! O her friend worked for Dr. von Braun! O She said this! Unfortunately she remarked that her husband (RIP) was a test pilot who died. (For her condolences and grief I trust it was a true story!)

He utilized a style of MBWA and often dressed as a labourer to inspect the work of his subordinates and get a feel for their moods. In the manner of Howard Hughes, he was high-strung but of course a creative genius.

Nevertheless, star travel today is finished unless something new is involved! It is a test for mankind. The first clue is this! The Radius of Pi! Know that this was disclosed in my communications with Dr. Stephen Hawking which hit a speedbump today in my fax to his office in Cambridgeshire! He may be the man to work with me on popularizing my innovations which are of this! The Ark-is-Forever!

If you wish to know more, ask me sometime! DFJ knows something, inquire therein.

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