Red Rocks and Quakes

Today, I am writing a new book as I do fairly often. It is of the Place of the Red Rocks where the H Bomb was Tested! It's of the Trinity's foul breath blowing from New Mexico! O it is of the H-Bomb that was initiated at Frenchman Flat! It started as a dream of Edward Teller and it was of this! The double-fusion coil of the Nuclear Trigger. He had the dream for the H-Bomb in Berkeley during the A-Bomb era...

These are texts of Forever associated with the Ark. Lift the lid and you shall see this: Macchu Picchu an older text of 2010 that discusses the return of one to Mexico and South America and the Visions of the Archbishop of Sao Paolo. Today, as Mexico and Japan Suffer Earthquakes, I am releasing it. It's an Allegorical Text of that which is and that which isn't, which as you may know relates to the Memphite cosmology of the Ogdoad. I mean, the text is entirely in hieroglyphs of the Mayan Stem of the backbone of the Americas.


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