Mice Rave Offers Clues to Disease Spread

Scientists wanting to find out how diseases are spread, in this case, the hanta immunovirus carried by the Western Deer mouse, applied psychedelic, fluorescent colors to captured and released deer mice at 12 sites in the western Utah desert during the spring and fall of 2005. The researchers collected blood samples and tagged some mice with radio transmitters while dusting others with the fluorescent powders.

For two nights during the spring and fall, toothbrushes were used to apply colored powders to five mice at each of the 12 sites, resulting in each site having five different colored mice: pink, blue, green, yellow and orange.

The next day, the researchers viewed mice captured in animal traps under an ultraviolet light (black light), looking for fluorescent powder on each mouse's head, ears, mouth, feet and tail....(read more)

What's a rave?:

Here's a sample Paul Oakenfold/Shifty Shellshock tune (diet Coke flavored for Pete Sealey)

and here's the Oakenfold rave video:

So now you know.

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