This Robotic Chess Companion Is Your Humans-Are-Obsolete Deal of The Day

A Cognitive Challenge: Device Helps Improve Performance in Chess 

Chess is a solitary game—even if you're playing with a friend or lover, the greatest foe is often your own cognitive shortcomings, a game of man against material. The pawn slides forward, but toward what? Another person? No—you started this war for yourself, to enlarge your fortunes, to aggrandize your name. 

Who you're defeating doesn't matter. So hey, why not replace a flesh opponent with a wacky robotic arm? The Robotic Chess Companion is only $150, will actually move chess pieces around as it attempts to outsmart you, and can tell when you're cheating. So don't cheat, because the arm also contains a slicing blade that will make you pay dearly. Not actually, but, still, robot arm! - SB from Gizmodo

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