Caffeine and Cognitive Performance Linked

Although many of us have jobs that find us staying up late into the night to meet deadlines. Others have to work night shifts. It is common for our minds to fall into a funk during these moments, making it hard for us to concentrate on the work at hand.

This is because our body is subject to what we call the “circadian rhythm”, the ebb and flow of our “internal clock”. This internal clock determines when our nervous system is active and when our mind is alert. During those late nights, our body is primed to go to sleep.

It is not just our circadian rhythm that can affect our work performance. It is also common for many people to feel slow and lethargic during certain times of the day, especially after a heavy lunch.

This can lead to embarrassing situations, such as accidentally nodding off during an important meeting. This state of lethargy can sometimes be life-threatening, such as when we have to drive on the road in such a condition.

Stay alert at work!

Fortunately, there is coffee. Caffeine is said to be able to help improve certain aspects of our cognitive performance. In 2008, the International Food Information Council Foundation reviewed some studies and concluded that there is a consistent demonstration that caffeine can jmprove certain aspects of cognitive function, even among well-rested volunteers.

These effects are usually quite immediate, due to how caffeine helps our brain increase its ability to process new stimuli.

Along with its irresistible taste and aroma, coffee is indeed well-suited to improve our mood. Better mood means more enjoyment of our work!

At the office -

Whenever we feel sluggish at work and our concentration begins to stray, it is good to take a short break and let coffee revive us.

Dealing with repetitive tasks -

It is common to find ourselves performing repetitive tasks at work. It is easy to lose concentration during these moments, and such carelessness can give rise to poor quality work and even workplace accidents.

Breaking the monotony with a cup of coffee will help us remain alert, and hence, productive under such circumstances.

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