The Richness of Fish - Omega III

As many have heard, Omega-3 fatty acids are highly beneficial to healthy functioning of the Brain. With respect to early man or hominid A this was a highly succulent and sought-after food-source which was not as prevalent in early oceans as today due to the absence and presence of Algal blooms in a complex dichotomy. While significant blooms provide high quality food sources to micro-organisms including krill that are trapped by Baleen and lateen Whales, too Much blooming leads to Anaerobia and a situation analogous to what may have happened on Mars. There, the evidence of perchlorate would dictate either weapons discharges in the past or the latter scenario outlined above, which one would possibly consider more likely from an aqueous perspective as pertains on Earth.

But it is not clear the Mars has operated under this diachronic substrata of sea and sky that we take for granted on Earth. Hence, traveling to Mars should be atop the National agenda, not social networks, necessarily. Since this was first post, a new booster that could go to Mars may be on the drawing board.

Not eating enough fish and you may find yourself scarce when it comes to brainpower. (3) More on this topic later!

Welcome to Cognitive Labs New Readers. We are not going away and plan on expanding our games repertoire significantly and also pursuing a variety of joint ventures.

Dr. Michael L. Addicott


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