The Lion Roareth at the Red Place

My Latest Respite is the Redbury, a chic hotel created by award-winning music video and television director Matthew Rolston and financed by Sam Nazarian, a Los Angeles luminary whose brother once offered me a job as a venture capitalist working on his fund. They funded Omnitracs, a satellite company that played a key role in the emergence of the San Diego firm Qualcomm. I mean, they bought it and got the cool technology a few years back.

Here's the thing. I got invited to the Microsoft Party there and had a great time. It was about Windows and This, The Lion.

There are Lions Everywhere at the Redbury and at Cleo, the restaurant inside. It also has a lot about Cleopatra. The reason I am telling you this is that Cognitive Labs is going places. What if I told you that Microsoft was buying it?

Well they almost did before.

I mean before Google did before. Now it gets complex explaining this but a lot is going on in this blog besides the Brain. I mean the brain of Brain.com is still here. I mean the man who put together that cool website that people at Apple liked and also the ad directors who put together the Hulu launch commercial in 2009 - for the Superbowl commercial with Alec Baldwin and the brain. That was an award-winning commercial and it lampooned, in a way, brain.com, the site I created 100% myself.

Now when you go to brain.com you see nothing but a little auction slate with a Chicago firm that is in a lot of trouble. That's all I'll say for now.

So now the Lion is roaring, so to speak.

So tomorrow I am meeting with Bill at Shutters.
Oops, maybe I'm not. But I have seen him there, ask J--n.

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