I Am of the Stars

The Five-Pointed Stars of Forever

As Some of You Know, I Have Discussed My Intention to Buyout MySpace. This Will Take Some Time. In the Meantime, since I and another Guy Are Creators of the Hit-Winning Business Plan Which Took Flight, I Will Entertain Various Projects In Addition to My Core Activies. What I Mean By My Former Comment is that The Growth Strategy of MySpace Early Days Was Ours. Because it Was Our Company. Some of it was Elaborated on this Site. Or I'll Just Start a New Social Network.

On The Star Travel/Remote Acceleration Project, Which is Taking Flight, There Are a Number of Encouraging Signs. The Radius of Pi And One of Its Derivations Are Astounding, They Are of Ars Mathematica of the Future. What I Mean is, It is Going Swimmingly. It is of Hyperspace and The Challenges that Follow to Get there. Why I Am Bringing This Up is That We Are Now in the Age of Capricorn, which is a Code for Change in the Space Program.

By the Way, I will only Speak on the Record About Said Star Project to Science Correspondents.

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