The Battle of Good And Evil

My Story Will Get Complex for the following reasons.

Armageddon-in-the-Stars-of-the-Night! It is a Dream and of the Substrate of Film.

This is a vision of forever that commences here for several reasons. It is of 2012 and 2010. It is an elegaic vision that flows forever from the pen of one hidden. So you could say it is poetry or you could say it is didactic of the Old Ones.

It is Entertainment-related to be sure. The complete vision will be delivered only over the course of a number of years that will be outlined variously as time passes but mostly via the writings of a hidden author. This one is hidden in the manner of Shakespeare, that is, the posthumous author who may be engaged in various pursuits while writing the script.

So come forth tie that binds and be of this place so depicted. It is of this World, the One Lost-in-Time, and the One-to-Be and that is for sure.

What I am Saying is This! Unite the World Hidden One of the Brain! You Were of Brain.com and its Overseeing One and of MySpace Hidden Founding! O You Moved the Cargoes of the World at ups.com and Others Before that! Now Write My Books and Make Them Golden and of Allegory-Most-Fine! It is the Will of One Hidden that this is So!

Remember, movies are dreams and dreams are movies, so are long books! All exercising the brain!

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