The Amorian is Here - History Lives at Cognitive Labs

We once had tests for each U.S. president but I was told to take them down by our buyer during due diligence. This went on for months and resulted in nothing but change. So now History will live again at Cognitive Labs, which was my original vision but this will take some time to complete. For example, consider this Byzantine Emperor called Michael. He was the one of pure vision!

In my dream he restored Constantinople along with his son Theophilus, who succeeded him. They had a magnificent Palace which was the envy of the World. Why, Emissaries from China and India would bow down before the Golden Lions that roared and the Twittering Birds of the Jeweled Trees!

They were steam-powered like the Aeliopile of Alexandria of Hero's Inclination. Yeats poem "Sailing to Byzantium" is of this Vision.

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