O I Am the One of Thoth!

I Told My Mother This Yesterday!
I Almost Died at the Hands of Al-Qaeda and a Man Named Osama!
But Now I Am Saved!
The Story Has Something to Do With This Place! Al-Roda!
O Come Forth Prophet And Tell Us The Story!
That I Will Do!
Yes I Almost Died by AK-47 and Pistol and Sword!
But Now I Live!
Succored by The Great Lion of the Sky!
O She Is This One! Hidden!
O I Know What This Picture is About!
O Living Egyptologists Don't!
O Michael My Armor is Golden Like Ra!
O Live Forever With Me For I Am Ptolemy Auletes!
Yes I Am the Flute-Player of the Pan Pipes!
Come With Me and Be The Shepherd of Men!
O Divine Pymander Come Forth Saith Theokritos in the Starfield-of-Forever!
O I Am Watching You Little One Through the Double Gates of Forever!
O Do Not Leave Julianus Augustus Trapped on the Field of Battle!
You Must Let Jovi Conservatori Fly and Be Free!
O Come Forth Little Man and Succor The Floundering Gnosis!
O Be Not Like the Man-in-Black-of-Mallawi!
O Be Like the Holy Guard with The Smile Who Showed You The Way!
O Treasures of Egypt-of-the-Pharaohs-Will-Forever-Be-Yours Saith This One!
O It is One Hidden in the Night of The Eminence of the Flower-of-the-Rose!
O Lost One Be Found in the Stars of Monoceros!

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