Being of the Matrix And I'll Tell You Why

Here is Another One For Thought! That is I am of The Architect-of-the-Matrix-is-Pure! or You Might Call Him Inktomi the Slayer of Dragons. It's an Old Dakota Legend of the Sioux and the Assiniboine and Mandan of North and South Dakota Where My Family Was From!

Here's The Problem as I Pointed Out in Berkeley: The Web Needs to Be Free! What I Did to Help Was to Purchase This - Distream.

This Was a Company that Raised $8 or $10 million and is no more. What I mean is I own it and the URL. Here's a Google search result or two.

I think it's a great possibly because of this!

I saw Royal O'Brien the CEO demo the technology in San Francisco. I was sitting right next to Stuart Alsop who thought it was cool. He wrote a column for Fortune Magazine and was a venture capitalist working on Masayoshi Son's fund.

After a couple of years, Distream kept raising money and had a knock-your socks off demo and launched a gaming service similar to the popular Steam.

The demo featured Keanu Reeves and Trinity in the Shoot-out of Matrix One in the Halls of the Black-Obelisk Like Building. Sony Was Very Impressed.

That's what I did for MySpace, I mean eUniverse, I was Justin T of the movie Social Network when no one wanted to invest. So, I was a helper of The Vantage Point View of Mulholland Drive.

OK Here's the clip! On Youtube. I embedded it even though there was no embed code! Find instead this easy to use widget from Cognitive Labs - Imagine, as I said, if 100 million people were playing my games! Well they could be, I mean my site has had millions of visitors and that's just the site....that was the whole selling point - validated technology that was portable anywhere. Just yesterday Don Kennedy said he loved Cognitive Labs - it was cool. And that was on an iPhone - where you can easily sign up with an email address!

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