Egyptology - the Exploding Science

It has been an Amazing Week in Egyptology!

What I mean is I am dazzled.

Having spent many months there recently, though, I am not surprised!

I found something amazing in Hermopolis Magna called The Eternal Mind.

What I mean is the Lost Secrets of the Respite of Thoth.

It helps to be a computer genius and also a genius of hieroglyphs and Ars Hieratics or the science of calligraphy of the ancients. I spent years studying it at Berkeley.

According to Hesiod's Lost treatise Coptos was very important for a reason that shall remain hidden.

This was the town of the Coptic Christians and their problems at the hands of (1) the Jews in the first century A.D. and (2) the Muslims in the 12th century A.D.

Why is This! They were encouraged to revolt against the religious authorities by external forces. In the first case it was Ahenobarbus Maximus and in the Second case it was Salah'ad-din the great Ayyubid one of Richard Couer de-Leon's fame! (the Lion Heart) The Crusaders were supposed to save them along with the Greeks of Alexandria when Manuel's forces arrived. But the problem is the Greek expedition foundered in the Nile Delta so the Christians lost the balance of power with Muslims in the 12th century! And that is true.

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