My Source Code Flows Aeternally

The Coding Continues Forever...Here's a Sneak Peak at the Sound from the Music of the Spheres and the Eternal DJ's who basically tell the story of all with sound!

In this case it's M-83 and refers to the Soundtrack of the movie Tron.

M-83 is an electronica group named after a spiral galaxy located in Hydra!

Interestingly, from the perspective of cosmic voyagers on the periphery of the Triangulum Galaxy it appears to be an edge-on barred spiral, but from the Milky Way of Sol-Universalis' location (that's the sun in the galactic speak of a time of yore and futuris) it is just a pinwheel, as shown above.

You may want to check out my correspondence with Dr. Stephen Hawking on Star Travel which is ongoing and includes some work done at the house at the edge of Forever fka Ed Teller's Respite of Berkelium Lawrencium! It will be at brain.com! (or another site)

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While you’re there, you’ll notice the full remix album’s tracklisting, which features work from some of the house genre’s biggest names, including Moby and Paul Oakenfold. You’ll also see that you can pre-order a deluxe package for the remix soundtrack which, besides the album, also includes a 128-page graphic novel, and 5 disc 2-movie collection in Blu-Ray and several other forms. So stop dawdling and head over to the official TRON soundtrack website to get your first taste of the remixed tunes.

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