The Big Stomp

Patent Trolls in the Crosshairs of O Many years ago a set of business practices emerged whereby companies could kill competitors simply by stomping on them! O that is why patents, copyrights, and prior art are important.

Enter Louis Wu-is-Forever-Holy-to-MySpace-Grip! O man of Ringworld Be Pure! O Be Free and Pure as Niven's Conception is Forever! O you were of the stars of the flying ones of the solar system of Sol Universalis' pure grasp! O be derived from Hober Mallow of Isaac's pure and Incredibly productive Grip!

Here is the Deal Dearest Readers who are 99.44% Pure!

I am Real!

I am the co-founder of MySpace by Jove! Jupiter's Holy Gate of Berkelium-Lawrencium now says So! O Be of Haas! Be of Michael of LA of the Universal Ones of Hollywood of various companies of the VC's grasp! O it was the Plan in the Stars along with San Hill in Lucasian of Yoda! O Ask Tom! He Knows now...my ways are of silence of the kered!

With patents what I am saying is this! O No deal on Star Travel Google! I have the key and you don't! I will not repeat the mistake(s) of talking about my museum idea and universal tracking which you are now working on with Fed-Ups and trying to cut me out of the deal which I gave to you! I'm going to give my 10% to Mr. Hearst Elric because he likes museums and donates to them like this one! The Tebtunis Project of Dr. Mastronarde's grip! And so do I! How about the American University in Cairo and Dr. Weeks project of Thebes? I donated there and so should you!

O meet me at the Faculty Club at U.C. Elric if you wish to move away from the Phillip Armor war!

O What I mean is! Punch the monkey forever and ever on thinly traveled discussion boards as a kind of purgatory of advertising gone-awry! So anyway, Louis Wu was of the Ringworld concept! So my hint is this! The Bussard Ramjet will not work! My idea is of this one! Monoceros! It's pure and free and of lambda physik not! That's another hint! Dr. Hawking come forth! Join me in the Good ship Argo for the onset of our cosmic voyage is for-real! It is of the Stars-pure-grasp-of-the-divine-Ecliptic!

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