The Two Towers

My Story Dear Readers, Flows Like Flaxen Gold from the Hand of the One of the Brain of Cognitive Labs. It is of Allegory to Document a Host of Crimes of the Canyon of the Strawberry and of the Field of Dreams of the Fair Shore of the 94027 Zip Code! O the Crimes of the Hidden Camera They Are! To think that Companies Regarded as America's Most Admired Engage in (1) Mail Fraud (2) Transaction Fraud (3) Hazing (4) Shadowing (5) Hidden Pix and (6) Weird Vendettas including Paying people not to Talk to Others such as the Wise man of the Rose Law Firm of Chicago's Grip (7) Using Artifacts of Egypt to Say Someone is 'Dead' in Media such as the Mask of Tutankhamun and (8) Invoking the name and face of Osiris to Say Someone is Dead on the Internet on Shattuck Avenue goes too far...

Punishment Ensues such as the Humiliation of the Academy Awards and Super Bowl Commercials and talk of Hell Freezing Over and of Course the Omnipresent Airplanes and Drones-of-the-brain-and MRI-tracking-people-without-their-approval!

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