O Lord of Light of Everest is High!

O Here this Story of Allegory! O This is My Face! O it is Anapurna! O This is My Breath! O it is the Fire of Lhasa-Karnak! O This is My Will! That Berkelium Lawrencium Return All My Artifacts of Forever to the State of Egypt! O Hosni Speak! O Lord I am in the AfterLife of the Last Battle! O Hidden One I Saw your Face! O What I mean is this! O say a Prayer for Me at Al-Balyana-is-Abydos-of-Forever! O Hear this O Actress of Osiris Grip in Berkeley of the Sad Ones! O Your Souls are in Peril! O Losers of Techne Tremble saith One who is Hidden! O I am of the Brain! O my Will is Cast in Hermopolis of the Divine Ones-of-Forever! O Hetepheres Come Forth! O Mars Come Forth! O Seven Signs of John of Revelation Be Here!

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