While we've spent a few years fighting Alzheimer's and supporting cognitive fitness - someone close to us has unfortunately passed away - that is my uncle, from pancreatic cancer. He was quite a bit younger than my mom. One day, several months ago, he noticed a pain in the abdomen. After going to the physician and having tests performed, he was referred to a specialist who made a diagnosis. He was a senior executive with many friends in the science and business world in his industry, which was a natural resource, and so had the very best care from experts in the field - both Europe and the U.S.

But unfortunately, it was advanced - progressed rapidly, and he died this summer. He had resolved to connect with Patrick Swayze as a co-sufferer, but because he was gone so quickly, it's doubtful that any connection was made. When I was a little kid, he gave me a ride on his big, new Ninja motorcycle - my first ride. So, on the one hand, we progress, on the other hand, we face loss and obstacles. Hopefully, it all balances out.

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