WinSCAT - once more

ISS Astronauts perform cognitive exercises using WinSCAT - the MS Windows spaceflight cognitive assessment tool.


'Barrat & Wakata conducted a session each with the MedOps experiment WinSCAT (Spaceflight Cognitive Assessment Tool for Windows), the fourth onboard session for both of them, by logging in on the MEC laptop and performing the psychological evaluation exercise on the PC-based WinSCAT application. [WinSCAT is a monthly time-constrained questionnaire test of cognitive abilities, routinely performed by astronauts aboard the ISS every 30 days before or after the PHS (periodic health status) test or on special CDR's, crewmembers or flight surgeons request. The test uses cognitive subtests that measure sustained concentration, verbal working memory, attention, short-term memory, spatial processing, and math skills. The five cognitive subtests are Coding Memory - Learning, Continuous Processing Task (CPT), Match to Sample, Mathematics, and Coding Delayed Recall. These WinSCAT subtests are the same as those used during NASA’s long-duration bed rest studies.]'

see the article at Spaceref

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