From Blogging to Something Else

From starting a blog 5+ years ago (before this site existed) this is a record of interesting events looking back - research being published, applications being developed and an inexorable move from a static kind of healthcare to something more dynamic and interactive.

The idea of cognitive fitness and training back then was only advocated by a few psychologists who were on the leading edge, and were beginning to link up divergent points in the mass of research data. Now however, it is becoming a larger and larger phenomenon, particularly when the idea of grafting psychology-based research and neuroscience to gaming, took hold. For me, this occurred in the summer of 2005 on a hike in the desolate high altitude of the Eastern Sierra, when the wide open skies seemed to open up so much possibility - on the same trip, visiting the White Mountains and their Bristlecone pines. It was at this one moment, when the realization struck in how to combine these things-so coming back, after that - everything was seen in a fresh light, and there were some earlier contributory events going back to April of that year.

At that moment our relatively lightly trafficked site began to grow, and at the same time the research work began to come together, including multi-faceted collaboration with Stanford scientists. Leading to where we are now, which is here.

Meanwhile, the social networking phenomenon took off and health is at crossroads of being much more interactive and detailed than it is today.

Going back to the blogging (which is a word seldom heard these days) I don't think the growth and development here would have been possible without the discipline and daily feedback so gained, from the exercise of writing down a series of thoughts, even if not all that profound.

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