Cleansing Your Body and Brain, an Eco-Friendly Voyage

Keeping a fit brain is easier with some recommended food choices. How about the growing trend towards holistic detoxification? Gwyneth Paltrow, Gerard Butler, the tough-guy from 300, and even some geeks swear by keeping your innards as pristine as your mental pathways. Usually this is accomplished by a scientifically engineered juice concoction.

Of course, you could go all the way out to the hipster fringe and try the latest eco-trend, ayahuasca tea - made from the bark of a South American vine. It is claimed to cause total liquid detox at both ends of the physical spectrum as an absolute cleansing and also is accompanied by visions (no, we haven't tried it) and has been consumed by artists, rock-stars, and celebs as part of their self-awareness and recovery regimen, including an Amazon rain forest field-trip, as a rite of passage.

A youtube search for ayahuasca results in this vid...from the film Blueberry

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