Apollo Lookback

While there are many Apollo 11 videos, in this one (below) the suspense kind of builds up, making for a more dramatic lift-off. The pitch and tone of NASA's announcer also increases - leading us to speculate that he may have had a background in broadcasting. (Is this so? - let's research and find out)

The announcer, it turns out, was NASA public affairs officer Jack King.

Also in Alameda, California there is a special Apollo 11 remembrance event with an appearance by Buzz Aldrin aboard the floating, peaceful museum and aircraft carrier Hornet, which was the ship that recovered the space capsule after splashdown (On the calendar, July 24th-26th, 2009). Even if you can't make it during that window, the astronaut quarantine capsule is always on display.

It's also here on our site.

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