Neurogamer Art Design

Here's a design for neurogamer studios, the name or avatar for our game development side.... see more below

this work reflects the development of the linguistic-semiotic-symbolic bloom in the brain that resulted in formal written language, which ocurred between 5,000 and 3,000 B.C.E. By 3,000 B.C.E. both cuneiform and hieroglyphic systems were developed, as were other expressions of consciousness around the world such as stone monuments and runic inscriptions, among others.

read more about it. We'll be alternating the design every month or so, or even more frequently. What will be next? Wait and Find out.

Note: We also added a search box to the blog so readers can search using keywords or any term they like to pull up the related article - utilizing the 2,000 or so (and growing) stories that are archived on cognitive health. This was done because the archive is getting lengthy and really does not give you any idea of the wide array and depth of topics that have been documented and, with no chance of 'expiring' as is the case with articles by some news organizations - that drive readers to their site only to put up a blank page with a note saying the link is expired or the story is missing. This is routine with some all-encompassing web portals and news organizations for documents as recent as 45 days old that are well-indexed, costing these companies tens (or hundreds) of millions of page views per month, and lost revenue.

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