Everybody more or less accepts the idea of DNA as software. That's one of its nicknames: the code of life. It's an instruction set for being. The sequencing of DNA means all kinds of wonderful things, once people overcome the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) factor, which they will eventually.

What if there was a similar way of asessing human hardware - the body? While we have made great strides in probing and visualizing structures in the body using various bandwidths of radiation, and assessing its general health through blood tests and other diagnostica, we don't have a definitive holistic, elemental snapshot.

It would be great if the concept of spectroscopy could be used to check the hardware. Small samples of tissue could be spectrally analyzed for elemental content...deviation from the norm would be indicative of disease or dietary deficiency..and remedied scientifically. Spectroscopy has been the key in unlocking the secrets of heavenly bodies, no matter how far away they are. Why not the human body? It's a whole new way of looking at healthcare.

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