Efficient H20-Free Spaghetti

At crunchtime, I've been experimenting with time-saving food ideas that also conserve resources. One I've just come up with is 'efficient spaghetti/pasta.'

Basically, all you do is take a package of dry pasta of some type (preferably whole wheat but 'plain' works as well) and throw it into a slowcooker or crock pot. Then, take your tomato/pasta sauce and pour it over the dry pasta.


Throw some cheese or diced vegetables on top (or both - use ricotta or cream cheese for a lasagna-type experience)

Turn on for a couple of hours (usually there's just a few options) with lid on.

Go do your work. Come back in a few hours and you'll have a delicious, tender but baked-tasting pasta dish.

All prepared with no water, boiling, rinsing, draining, preparing of sauces, or chances of getting scalded, or even using a stove.


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