Pirate's Bay Goes Mainstream

Yo Ho Ho Ho A Pirate's Life for me.

Slashdot, sourcing the blog TorrentFreak reported today that the Pirate's Bay, a den of rascallions loosely configuring a massive underground network of voluntary Internet torrents made a deal with Warner Brothers.

You'll have to judge whether on April 1st (still) this is true or not.

But one thing that is true I learned on Facebook from another Mike Addicott from Bristol, UK (who since has moved to Australia) is that the tavern/inn featuring prominently in the opening of Treasure Island - the "Admiral Benbow" is still there. It was the home of Jim Hawkins. Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired by it in creating the characters of Billy Bones, Long John Silver, and the rest.

Stevenson also created the story elements pirate treasure maps, X-marked spots, and sailors with eyepatches and parrots on their shoulders.

Map of Treasure Island drawn by Robert Louis Stevenson

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