APOEe4 Gene Appears to Change the Brain throughout Life

Researchers at Oxford University have found that people with the APOEe4 gene variant (According to Reuters-up to 25% of the population) have more active brains than those without this specific marker.

When APOEe4-positive individuals are administered an MRI scan and given memory tasks to work on, the hippocampal area displays more activity than those who are APOE 2 or APOE3.

As the Reuters report suggests, this combination offers the potential of being able to indicate beforehand subjects could be candidates for Alzheimer's Disease.

Cognitive Labs research shows that specific Internet-based exercises may be sensitive enough to detect the early preconditions of decline, even without the expense of an MRI, through a double-blind study of APOE4 and non APOE subjects completed at Stanford (published in 2008). Think of it like getting a news alert on a defined-keyword that you set up, pertaining to your brain, genetics, and cognitive health.

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