Innovative Formation Outlawed

Since we support innovation in all its forms - fighting Alzheimer's, freeing up music and film, getting out of the way so we can learn more about the universe and earth - where we live, being green, and so forth; it's disappointing to note that an exciting new twist in football, perhaps the most interesting thing since Bill Walsh's famed west coast offense, the run-and-shoot, or Al Davis' vertical passing game secret weapon back in run-it-up-the-middle 1960's, has now been declared illegal.

We certainly hope there is some kind of appeal process.

Pioneered by two crazy Californians, (coaches at Piedmont High School in Northern California, in the East Bay) the A-11 offense throws a wrinkle at defenses by making every player eligible to receive a pass, rather than just backs and receivers. It leveled the playing field, so to speak, by giving the Davids a chance against perennial Goliaths.

You can read more about the decision here. No, we don't cover sports very much here but this case of innovative creativity deserves some focus.

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