Early Onset Alzheimer's: Things You can do if you are at Risk (U.K.)

Fiona Phillips (center, seated) and GMTV crew

U.K. Television personality Fiona Phillips, based on family history, at age 47 has been identified as at risk for early Alzheimer's.

Her mother died of the disease two years ago and her father was just diagnosed with the disease. Her genetic profile is alluded to, but not discussed in the article, which refers to a study following 115 cases of family Alzheimer's and finds a 20% chance of developing the disease for subjects in the study.(Whether or not APOEe4 is the genetic variant referred to in the piece is undisclosed. Keep in mind that APOE 2, APOE 3, APOE 4 individuals all can be susceptible to Alzheimer's, with APOEe4/4 equating to the greatest risk.

According to Dr. Mark Porter in Edinburgh, here are some suggestions:

"While none of us can change the genetic hand we have been dealt, there is a lot we can do to influence factors that might reinforce a genetic predisposition to increase the risk even further.

Exercise/Lose Weight, Exercise your mind/be social, Eat omega-3 rich foods (fatty fish), Reduce blood pressure" (among other suggestions)

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