Nute Goes for a New Financing Round

Our story:

It's a Harvard Business School style case study for an emerging space AI business. It's good to use your imagination.

Nute Gunray is CEO of AITrade, a start up interstellar trade-exchange for droid parts and other salvage neurocognitive materials. His business plan calls for AI to buy low, and sell high. But there is one nano problem-the market is developing with the speed of somebody frozen in carbonite.

His investor, Galactic Ventures has made bets all over the galaxy but is really high on clean tech. Luckily, Nute trains his brain everyday at brain.com. Yes, the brain.com.

He's quite aggressive and visionary, but puts his pants on one leg at a time. Still, he's careful not to antagonize Mr.Vader, the board member from Galactic.

Vader has been known to cause CEO's to get tongue-tied, or choked-up, at strategy review meetings. After getting a Blackberry blast from Gunray with the latest numbers, Vader locks himself in his pod to contemplate.

On the way to Jamba Juice for an Energy smoothie after his meditation, he bumps into Mr. Sidious, the managing partner and founder of Galactic, and gives him a heads-up about AITrade...

Sidious decides its best to assign a new hotshot to AI Trade to "re-invigorate" the company and take an active role in its development. A holographic meeting is set to break the news to Gunray...

The question is, what should Gunray do now?

a) Speed-read Obi-wan's classic book on lightsaber play...
b) Climb into an escape pod and push the button...
c) Find out what makes Maul tick and use the Force to re-invigorate the reinvigorator...

Inquiring minds want to know

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