Golden Girl Estelle Getty a Victim of Dementia at age 84

Add to the list of famous people with Alzheimer's. Estelle Getty, former star of the TV sitcom Golden Girls, passed away at age 84 in Los Angeles, CA. She had been suffering from Dementia, according to this article on Yahoo! TV.

The list of people who have fallen victim to the Disease keeps growing and now surpasses 5.1 million. Since we've started this project, Alzheimer's has claimed people ranging from Ronald Reagan to James Doohan, historic Grambling football coach Eddie Robinson, and Charlton Heston. Just this week, we reported on Bjorn Ulvaeus of Abba suffering from memory loss at age 58.

Lesser known as victims include the late Sen. Barry Goldwater and Winston Churchill, Hawaii Five-0's Jack Lord, and author Iris Murdoch.

Younger or Older, people on the street or celebrities, from small towns or big cities, virtually no one is immune to the cold touch of Alzheimer's, erasing and corrupting memories for its sufferers - whether it reaches their own person, their friends', or family members.

The best thing you can do is to take action - by exercising your mind and also controlling the behaviors that stoke the fires of the known risk factors - diet, exercise, outlook/disposition - by doing this, regardless of pre-disposition, you give yourself a fighting chance against the impact of memory impairment.

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