Cognitive Labs and the Evolving Web

As mentioned, Cognitive Labs keeps on rolling - with June our biggest month yet in terms of visitors and page views, surpassing our previous high. It's not only an important mission, it may be one of the most important missions ever for humanity - in the evolution of our cognitive platform. For the first time, tools that can assess the brain and optimize it are available and can be distributed widely. It's so important that its nothing less than a Promethean advance in capability, a leap forward from the cognitive equivalent of the Folsom point; and it foreshadows where we will go in the future.

The performance totally dwarves June '07. This is pretty exciting for all of us as it means that we're reversing a general internet trend - we've got a favorable hand; rather than a seasonal decline in the warm months, coupled with heavier use when people are indoors-we're seeing a royal flush of steady growth.

It's well known that weather and even freak events impact web traffic according to Dr. Hal Varian, whether you have 50,000 visitors per month, 550,000 visitors per month (cognitive labs), 34,000,000 per month (FaceBook) or 149,000,000 (Google sites). I don't recall Google passing Yahoo!'s sites before, but now it has.

Anyway you look at it the total audience of the Internet is about 190,000,000 people per month. Our growth plans are pretty aggressive and involve leveraging our cognitive reserve - that is, all of you, so stay tuned to visualize how this evolves.

Best, and like they said in the old lemonade commercial, 'thanks for your support.'

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