Bud Goes European; Euro Soars

Anheuser-Busch, the co. known for the Clysedale Horses and its "King of Beers" brand, Budweiser, now becomes part of European brewing holding co. InBev, with brands from Bass in the UK to Tsing Tao in China.

Anheuser-Busch, itself formed from mergers of German-American immigrant-initiated firms, now reports back to Europe in a transaction worth $52 billion. We'll probably see more of these transnational mega-mergers since the Euro is at an all-time high compared to the U.S. Dollar, which has been depreciated in value compared to commodities and most world currencies due to the ever-expanding money supply which has the same effect as 'debasement' of the coinage did in Medieval and ancient times. Some indicators show prices have doubled since 2000/20001 (not including housing) and annual inflation for labor and especially commodities and foodstuffs, which leads wages, is as high as 12-14%.

Some would argue that this inflationary trend is an intentional corrective policy to bring housing prices into equilibrium with consumer goods and via a deus ex machina process, assisting the mortgage industry (and all marketers of complex derivatives or companies that depend on third-party securitization of an intangible product) in recovering a greater percentage of overextended portfolios. The percentage of spending on housing will decline relative to other expenditures as wages and prices accelerate faster than housing values over the next several years. This is not what Bernanke is saying but this is a probable net economic effect of the Fed's actions.

'Silvered' bronze coin (c) 300 A.D. traces of silvering remain on the reverse side, which would have given the coin a bright shiny appearance like a quarter when new; however, it quickly wore off. The legend says:

SACRA MONETA AUGG ET CAESS NOSTRA "The sacred money of our two emperors and two caesars" designed to boost consumer confidence in a period of high inflation and debasement. But, the opposite was actually true.

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