Japanese Government Moves to Enforce Waistline Limit

Being fat in Japan - defined as a waist size of over 33.5" for men and 35.4" for women will soon subject individuals to censure from the government and participation in an officially mandated re-education program.

The objective is to limit cases of stroke and diabetes as the population ages.

In contrast, the average male waist-size in the U.S. is a corpulent 39".

One solution is to lay off the cheese fries. However, a benefit of fuel price increases could be forcing people to get more exercise in the form of walking. However, U.S. cities and suburbs aren't designed with walking in mind, just the comfort and centrality of the freeway clover.

Being overweight is a noticeable risk factor for Alzheimer's, so it is worthwhile to keep the suggestions of the Japanese in mind. NY Times article

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