Future of Telephony

Note: This post is of a commercial nature. However, no laboratory animals were harmed or bothered in any way during its writing and posting.

This is your brain. This is your brain on mobility

The Future of Telecommunications might be considered as two simple foci in the Brain.

That's the plural of focus.

At one focal point, style and aesthetics predominate.

At the other, simple functionality.

Filet Mignon vs. In-n-out
The Robb Report vs. Real Simple

If you want a simple, workable, phone that doesn't charge you for just breathing (Yeah, that's right, every time you breathe it costs almost a cent) then get a pay as you go phone.

Here's one to snag at Radio Shack. While you're there, get a spare S-connector.

Better yet, you can beam money to your friends, Scotty style. And breathe all the air you want, for free.

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