Senet: World's Oldest Game tests Your Brain

Brain training is definitely in the news, with a front (B-1) business page story in the NY Times talking about how expensive the programs are. Except for here, where our objective is to make world class science accessible and if possible, fun.

For now, enjoy the game of senet -it's 5000 years old. (Featured here on the tomb of Nefertari, one of the Queens of Ramses II, who had more than 100 children.) The reason it was in the tomb painting was due to the belief that success at the game was a skill needed in order to get through the judgment at the hands of Anubis, where the heart was weighed for its "living in accordance with ma'at."

Somehow being speedy at the game helped you to speed through the weighstation going to the afterlife, in Egyptian mythology, and thus, it was featured on the tomb

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