Stanford Coach in Berkeley? Moooooo...

This post is mainly of interest to Stanford, Cal alums or people in the SF bay area, and to anybody else that wants to read it...

Mike Montgomery was a fixture at Stanford from the 1980's to mid-this decade. A cerebral coach, he looked like a B-school prof, appearing to have more in common with Michael Porter than Bob Knight. Rather than drawing a pick-and-roll on the blackboard during timeouts, he would chalk out stars, dogs and cash cows.

So now, he's going from collecting term sheets at 3000 Sand Hill to ambling down Telegraph, picking up a poster of Jimi or Green Day, a Tibetan prayer flag and maybe a wedge of pizza at Blondie's to fight off the munchies.

At Stanford he turned white guys who couldn't jump into NBA players. But in the NBA relating was tougher. As in...

"Yo Monty! What up?"
Stunned, Montgomery catches the keys.
"Park my Bentley behind the gym. Don't scratch it." (From a player who earns more per game than the coach does in a season)

Cal has been in a basketball no man's land since Todd Bozeman and Jason Kidd shocked Duke and Coach K to get to the sweet 16, hit the cover of SI...and then years of decline. Maybe Montgomery can Tivo out the mediocrity of the intervening decade-plus. Watch it on your slingbox.

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