Web Insurgents Target Big Media

Will traditional newspaper, TV, and radio outlets hold up to a barrage of rocket-propelled grenades from novel web upstarts?

At first, upstarts appeared in the form of bloggers. However, this first wave was repulsed after denting the armor of big media, as it adapted and learned to 'play the game' launching their own blogs. Establishment media figures founded TMZ.com, one of the most popular blogs based on a foundation of bubblegum pop stories,police scanner-fodder, and paparazzi-fueled celebrity rehab stories and sex scandals. In other words, the Enquirer comes to the web. However, they have not become as influential as the voices of authenticity on a diverse array of subjects, like juancole.com.

In the next wave, the insurgents are leveraging more advanced technologies, such as widgets which require a little programming skill to successfully create and distribute. This battle is heating up, as widgeteers such as slide are now heading towards $1 billion valuations; youtube also might be considered a widget developer.

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