CogLabs first Quarter 2008

Imperial bystanders watch coglabs traffic take off...

It's going to be a great 1st quarter 2008 for Cognitive Labs, with new highs in every area (what's new?). March 2008 is by far our biggest month yet, with a 10% increase in page views over last month, and more than a 10% increase in visitors over last month, despite the fact that we're not sending out any newsletters (we'll resume pretty soon, most likely).

More stats later....

I'm writing this from a little cafe right around the corner from Facebook, e,g., University Ave. and Ramona, where I just had a quick meeting - that is, at the cafe. Free wifi rocks.

Facebook is in a building that used to house a company called neuron data. I'm also real close to where bamboo.com had an office, pre-IPO, and a block or so from photobucket.

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