Humanity's 14 Greatest Challenges

Ethical concern for the future: HIPAA vs. the Three Laws of Robotics: Discuss

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has just released their list of the 14 greatest challenges facing humanity.

About 4 of them involve action items/parameters that Cognitive Labs' is also working on (highlighted). The list follows:

-Make solar energy affordable
-Provide energy from fusion
-Develop carbon sequestration
-Manage the nitrogen cycle
-Provide access to clean water
-Reverse engineer the brain
-Prevent nuclear terror
-Secure cyberspace
-Enhance virtual reality
-Improve urban infrastructure
-Advance health informatics
-Engineer better medicines
-Advance personalised learning
-Explore natural frontiers

Among the predictions, not challenges, is the making of a sentient robot by the year 2029. In addition, nanobots will flow throughout the bloodstream, making minor corrections in cellular function to prevent malady. In the brain, the nanobots could prevent the accumulation of amyloid tangles.

Think of it as McAfee ViruScan for your body. There's no reason the Internet will not play a part; in fact application engines might exist that receive inputs from you (body and brain)or your computer (keyboard, voice, etc.) via the Internet 24/7 and collect data like a seismograph.
Blood sample? A nanobot can analyze the blood in real time and submit the data wirelessly to a medical database, either centrally located but more likely on your own computing platform. The era of symptoms and potential misdiagnosis or diagnostic 'dead reckoning' and fear of false positives may be then be at an end.

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